Magical Make an Offer

Add best offer + pay what you want buttons to sell more stuff on Shopify.

Counter sticker shock. Clear aging inventory. Boost your sales. Negotiation has never been easier.

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It’s hard to make sales.

Selling online is complicated.

Customers want deals.

You want full price.

Nobody wins and sales are lost.

Negotiation can help.

Accepting offers starts conversations.

Customers save money.

You make money.

Sales grow.

Accept offers. Boost sales.

Counter sticker shock.

Clear aging inventory.

Boost your sales.

Negotiation has never been easier.

Call or text 1-855-831-4530 for a free demo.

Magical features.

Accept offers on products (pay more, less, or $0).

Automatic negotiations with rules to accept, counter, and decline.

Track key metrics with analytics.

Display on products inline, as banners, or as a button.

Customizable offer request form fields.

Customizable notification templates.

Exit intent offer popups.

Accept offers on any quantity of products.

Offer expiry date option.

No usage limits.

Style options to match your brand.

Easy integration with Shopify OS 2.0 and Legacy themes.

Free setup and unlimited support.

Merchants love it.

Over 10,000 merchants trust Magical Apps

“Awesome app. 30% of our sales are currently going through the app. Can’t imagine the amount of sales we were losing without it!”

– J & J Auto Wrecking

“Are you concerned about your products’ uncompetitive pricing in the intense world of online commerce? Put yourself at ease! Magical Make an Offer functionality is excellent for just the purpose of giving shoppers bargaining power. Plus, the customer service is top-notch.”


“Wonderful app that goes great with any shopify store. This app sure helps stores get additional leads that otherwise would go to waste. Try it. It’s well worth the investment. After a few months of use, we have seen our sales increase by 20%.”

– Monaco Jewelers

“This app has been a game changer for our business. It’s opened up so many conversations, increased our sales and has even helped us grow our email list. Out of all the Shopify apps we currently use, this is by far our favorite … Remember that when someone makes an offer, even if you deny it, it still becomes a win because you now have insight into a customer that’s been looking at your products.”

– Artist Replete

“It’s a great tool to manifest emails and phone #’s of potential new clients as well. I can easily accept, counter, or decline offers. I also call many clients and convert them over to sales. Great app to have for an ecommerce business”

– ShopBollyWear.Com

“The app has helped cultivate a wider community base. It has brought us greater engagement from new customers who otherwise would browse by. It’s nice to give customers a say. The team has always been very responsive with finding solutions as our shop expands. What will not change is how integral the app is to the experience of our online store.”

– Wine Consigners Inc

Install for free. Simple Setup.

1. Install

Installing the app on your store is free and easy.

Call or text 1-855-831-4530 for a free demo.

2. Customize

Decide what products to accept offers on, how they display, and how to manage them.

Contact us or set it up yourself in minutes.

3. Done

Get offers. Clear aging inventory. Boost your sales.

Shopify Make an Offer Resources

No sale? No charge.

You only pay a commission on paid orders made through offers with the app.

High volume? Upgrade to reduce the commission.

Call or text 1-855-831-4530 for a free demo.

Magical Apps.

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