Quick Solutions and Expert Advice for Magical Make an Offer v1

Find answers to common questions about the Magical Make an Offer v1 app for Shopify and find solutions to issues merchants encounter.

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If you installed the app before September 27, 2023 and have not contacted the Magical Apps team to upgrade to the “Magical Make an Offer” version of the app, your store is using “Make an Offer v1“, the previous version of the app.

To upgrade to Magical Make an Offer for free, please contact the Magical Apps team.

Read “Magical Make an Offer” FAQs here.

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About Make an Offer v1

How does Make an Offer v1 work?

Make an Offer v1 allows a merchant to:

  1. Add a button to their product page which allows their customers to submit an offer that is below the product list price.
  2. Enable an exit intent pop-up “Make an Offer” form for the product page and/or the cart page. 
  3. The app includes a platform and automated tools for communicating, negotiating and managing customer offers.
  4. Once an offer is submitted, the merchant can (through the app settings) manually (or through automation with pre-defined rules) accept/decline/counter the offer.
  5. A custom checkout link is created and emailed to customers for accepted offers, which they can then use to go through the Shopify checkout process with the applied discount.

How does the Make an Offer user charge work?

The user charge is a calculated percentage of any sale that originated from the Make an Offer app and is completed and fully paid for by customers to the merchant. 

The calculated percentage is dependent on the pricing plan that a merchant has selected for their store. Every offer made and/or accepted is charge free until your customer completes the Shopify checkout process and makes a payment.

The different tiers are:

  1. Starter plan: 2.99%
  2. Pro: 1.99%
  3. Power: 0.99%

Why is the Make an Offer button not visible?

Make sure that our button is enabled through the app settings. View make an offer button activation instructions here.

Make an Offer v1 is compatible with most widely used Shopify themes and apps, but in rare instances there could also be a theme or conflicting app issue that is causing the button to not be visible. Please contact our team for additional support if our button is not visible.

I updated the theme and the Make an Offer button does not appear

This happens because your new theme may not have our standard injected code. To inject your code please use the following link: https://www.makeofferapp.com/shopify_update_theme

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact our team for additional support.

Can I set an expiration time on accepted offers?

Yes. View accepted offer expiration time setup instructions here.

How do I know that customers are receiving emails?

You can receive copies of the emails that are being sent to customers to make sure that emails are being generated. View email copies setup instructions here.

Why are my customers not receiving emails?

Emails could be going into your customer’s junk/spam mail. Please ask them to check to make sure emails are not there. If customers are still unable to find the emails, please reach out to our team.

Unfortunately, service providers use AI to flag emails as spam and we had originally allowed merchants to use their own domains but that increased the likelihood of emails getting flagged as spam.

I accidentally archived an offer, can I unarchive it?

Yes. View instructions for how to unarchive an offer here.

Is Make an Offer integrated with Google Analytics?

Yes. You can setup Google Analytics Events using the “popup” option in the app.

Can customers apply an additional discount code to products with accepted offers?

No, customers are unable to apply any additional discount code to products after an offer has been accepted.

If a merchant accepts an offer, is it a guaranteed sale?

An accepted offer does not guarantee a completed sale. The customer still has to go through the check out process to purchase the item(s). The customer can decide to not follow through with the purchase.

I accepted an offer and there was an additional discount applied to an already discounted item

Please ensure that the list price of the product in question has not been changed after an offer has been accepted.

If you have a product listed at $100 and accept an offer for $80 ($20 discount), any change in the list price will impact the price the customer can checkout with. 

Make an Offer calculates the amount of discount accepted and applies that to the backend list price. 

If that $100 products’ list price is changed to $80, that $20 discount will now be applied to the new list price. This will be the case if the list price is also increased above the original list price of $100 to $120 for example.

How can I avoid having to deal with low-ball offers?

You can enable the Auto Decline feature that would automatically reject any offers that are placed below your specified price. You can set the percentage below which offers would automatically be rejected so that you don’t have to deal with them.

Read Auto Decline setup instructions

App Install & Setup Instructions

Read the setup instructions to learn how to activate or deactivate the app and about the app features. 

Read Install & Setup Instructions

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