Allowing customers to negotiate prices of your products increases your chances of making a sale and boosting your revenue.

Are you tired of losing out on sales because customers are hesitant to pay full price? Or perhaps you have inventory that you want to move quickly and are willing to accept lower offers?

A “Make an Offer” app for Shopify may be just what your business needs. Magical Make an Offer allow customers to submit a best offer to the merchant for an item, giving them the opportunity to negotiate a price that works for both parties. In this blog post, we’ll explore the advantages of using a “Make an Offer” Shopify app, as well as some tips for getting the most out of this feature.

How it Works

A Make an Offer app is a simple way to allow customers to submit their best offer for a product. The app includes a button on the product page, or in a popup modal window, that encourages users to Make an Offer. Customers can enter the amount they would like to offer for the item. The merchant then has the option to accept, decline, or counter the offer. If the offer is accepted, the customer can purchase the item at the agreed-upon price.

Shopify Make an Offer Benefits: Increased Sales, Clear Inventory, and Build Customer Loyalty

Benefits of Using a “Make an Offer” App

Increased Sales

By allowing customers to make an offer, you can capture sales that may have otherwise been lost due to price sensitivity. Customers who may have been hesitant to purchase at full price may be more willing to buy if they can negotiate a lower price.

Clear Inventory

A “Make an Offer” app can be a useful tool for clearing out inventory that is not moving as quickly as you would like. By accepting lower offers, you can move products that may have otherwise sat on your shelves.

Build Customer Loyalty

By giving customers the ability to negotiate a price, you are showing that you value their business and are willing to work with them. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

Customers who may have been hesitant to purchase at full price may be more willing to buy if they can negotiate a lower price.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of a “Make an Offer” App

Set a Reasonable Minimum Price

When setting up your “Make an Offer” app, be sure to set a minimum price that you are willing to accept. It’s possible to also set minimum price percentage based thresholds. This will prevent customers from submitting offers that are too low and wasting your time. It’s also important to be flexible with your pricing so that you are giving customers a legitimate chance to make a successful offer and allow them to pay what you want for the product.

Be Responsive to Your Offers

It’s important to stay on top of the offers you receive from customers. You can use the built in dashboard to track the success of your “Make an Offer” feature. Monitor the number of offers submitted, accepted, and declined, as well as the average price of accepted offers. Use this information to optimize your pricing strategy and make informed business decisions.

A best offer price negotiation app like Magical Make an Offer can be a valuable tool for any Shopify merchant looking to increase sales, clear inventory, and build customer loyalty. By following these tips and leveraging the benefits of a “Make an Offer” feature, you can take your business to the next level.

Using a Make an Offer app allows customers to submit their best price. You can boost sales, clear inventory, and build loyalty.

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