Magical Vacation Mode

Activate Shopify Vacation Mode to Pause Online Store Sales.

Pause sales. Return anytime. Achieve work-life balance.

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Taking a break from your business is hard.

Orders and inquiries are never-ending.

You can barely keep up.

Weekends, holidays, and life events get neglected.

You sacrifice your well-being to satisfy demand.

Pausing sales can help.

Purchase options are hidden.

Your store stays live.

Customers browse products and sign up for updates.

Announce when you return.

Activate vacation mode.

Pause sales.

Return anytime.

Achieve work-life balance.

Taking a break has never been easier.

Call or text 1-855-831-4530 for a free demo.

Magical features.

Pause online store sales.

Disable buy buttons and purchasing options.

Schedule vacation start and end times.

Display messaging on product pages or site-wide.

Option to collect customer emails.

Style options to match your brand.

Easy integration with Shopify OS 2.0 and Legacy themes.

Free setup and unlimited support.

Merchants love it.

Over 10,000 merchants trust Magical Apps

“A fabulous app for a small business, we all need a break from time to time but shopify unfortunately does not have a holiday (or vacation) mode like Etsy or Ebay yet. This app fills that gap, offering a simple way to keep your shop running while you are away … This app allowed us to take some family time away from shopify, emails, social media and other apps just for a week. It was a real blessing after years being stuck on a treadmill (like many family businesses). Highly recommended.”

– Happy Houseplants

“As a one-woman show, this app is a life-saver!! I wanted a way for people to still be able to browse through my website when I take an occasional break, but not be able to actually place orders. It’s a WAY better solution than putting a site into password protection mode. It was the easiest thing to implement on my entire website, and it works like a charm. 100% thumbs up from me!”

– EGOpicks

“… You can close for as long as you want, and still keep your shop open with a message (configurable) on the home page and product page so that customers don’t get frustrated or confused. Simple and lightweight – doesn’t bog down the store. I personally have needed this app for years and am thrilled with the ease of set up AND the responsiveness of the developer who helped me tweak it to my needs. Take a break, close for inventory – go on vacation – at the push of a button. 5 stars all the way.”

– Cheeky Seats Scooter Seat Covers

“Jeff was so helpful with my issues pausing my store. Definitely recommend this app if you ever need to pause your store when you need to.”

– GlowGenix

What a blessing this milestone app is. For years I confused my customers by doing the only thing that Shopify allows you to do: Password protect your site. Most of my not so tech savy customers hence believed that I went out of business…. Thank you, Magical Apps!!!”

– Vogelsang Aeroscale

Not having a vacation option in Shopify, this application solves the problem. John has been a great help in assisting me with every step and solving all my questions. Highly recommend.”

– Pins by Judy Kaufmann

Simple install and setup.

1. Install

Installing the app on your store is easy.

Call or text 1-855-831-4530 for a free demo.

2. Customize

Create a vacation rule. Write your message. Set the schedule and display options. Activate.

Contact us or set it up yourself in minutes.

3. Done

Your vacation begins! Return anytime. Achieve work-life balance.

Shopify Vacation Mode Resources.

Start your vacation today.

Install Magical Vacation Mode today and pause sales in minutes.

Running a business is hard enough. Taking a break doesn’t have to be.

Call or text 1-855-831-4530 for a free demo.

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