An In-Depth Analysis of the Leading Apps for Enhancing Pricing Strategies

We have researched and identified the best Shopify Apps designed to help you sell more products with smarter pricing strategies and price negotiation tactics. Pay What you Want pricing is just one of the many Shopify pricing psychology tactics which are proven to improve sales rates. 

We have carefully installed, tested and reviewed each of the apps below to help you find the best app for your store. We have compared them and ranked them based on a comparison of pros, cons and pricing to give you the information you need to choose a best offer, request a quote, or make an offer app for your Shopify Store. 

Magical Make an Offer is the best Price Negotiation app for Shopify. Make an Offer is the most popular app with over 200 reviews and a glowing rating of 4.8 stars out of 5. It’s feature packed and offers easy install and setup with unique features for desktop or mobile. Overall it’s designed to fit seamlessly into any theme with custom styling options. While it’s not the cheapest app of the bunch we feel like it’s worth it considering it’s not the most expensive, and it’s the best overall app to help you create a best offer feature for your store. It reminds us of the eBay make an offer feature, and that’s a very good thing because that feature is awesome.  Read our full review below to see why we picked Make an Offer as the best price negotiation app for Shopify. 

The Best Price Negotiation Shopify Apps:

  1. Make an Offer – Best overall app although a premium price
  2. Nibble – Novel UI may be a little gimmicky and the most expensive monthly plan
  3. Negotio – Affordable while lacking any customization
  4. Lury – Multiple languages but no collection of customer data
  5. Snap! – Hides price but built for B2B
  6. G:Request a Quote – Offer through collection page but no automation
  7. Pay What You Want – Visible from collections page but no free option
Magical Make an Offer is the best overall app, offering a clean interface and unique features for desktop and mobile.

#1 Make an Offer 

Best overall app although a premium price

View on Shopify App Store

Starts at $0/mo + 1.9% 

Make an Offer Pros vs. Cons

Make an Offer ProsMake an Offer Cons
Easy to install and onboardAbility to specify products available for offersUnlimited OffersAutomated OffersCombined offers checkout linkUser friendly dashboardUnable to mix cart with full price products and offered productsCommission charged on all sales

Make An Offer Overview

Make an Offer is one of the most popular negotiation apps being used by Shopify merchants worldwide. Make an Offer has been leading and innovating in the area of allowing merchants to interact with their customers on product pricing and with over 200 reviews, they are sitting comfortably with a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on the Shopify app store.

Being the forerunner in Best Offer services on Shopify, Make an Offer has continued to make improvements to their product and services by taking the lead from service users to deliver the best product possible.

Make an Offer has the best dashboard to manage offers with multiple filters to help merchants organize and help interact with their customers. With Make an Offer you have the ability to automate offers, merchants don’t need to be overwhelmed with a high volume of offers and can just sit back and watch their revenue increase. 

Make an Offer works great for stores of all sizes and various industries. From jewellery, to antiques, to used furniture, and collectibles, any store can take advantage of Make an Offer’s services. Especially with its Google Analytics integration, merchants can gather customer data and learn their shopping habits to best position their products.

One thing that could take Make an Offer to the next level would be the ability to have a combined cart of products with and without offers, but they do currently provide a combined cart for products with offers. 

With three pricing plans, which includes a free plan, merchants can choose what makes the most sense for their business. Make an Offer is easy to install and navigate for any merchant, even if they don’t have any coding ability or much technical abilities, while also having advanced functionality for merchants that have the ability to use CSS and HTML. With Make an Offer’s ability to be accessible for its ease of use, Shopify merchants can begin growing their customer relationships with only a click of the button.

Make an Offer works great for stores of all sizes and various industries. From jewellery, to antiques, to used furniture, and collectibles, any store can take advantage of Make an Offer’s services.

Make An Offer Gallery

Make An Offer Reviews

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive for Make an Offer with their support and quality of the app being some of the top mentioned reasons why users love this app.. 

With its exceptional support program, Make an Offer has earned rave reviews from merchants who appreciate its responsive customer service team. One of their users, Lizsonnenbags, said, “Words can’t express how grateful I am to have this app and to know that if I ever need anything they will respond fast and be a huge help.”

But it’s not just the support that’s winning over merchants–the app itself is a game changer for businesses. Artist Replete noted that it has “opened up so many conversations, increased our sales and has even helped us grow our email list.” Out of all the Shopify apps they use, they consider Make an Offer their favourite. 

What sets Make an Offer apart is its ability to engage customers and give them more purchasing power. With the app, businesses can catch potential customers who might have slipped through the cracks. Wine Consigner Inc. highlights this, noting that it, “has brought us greater engagement from new customers who otherwise would browse by.” By giving customers a say in the purchasing process, businesses can cultivate a wider community and increase customer loyalty.

#2 Nibble – AI

Great UI but may be a little gimmicky

Starts at free with limitations and gets pricey ($129/mo or 2% of sales)

Nibble – AI Pros vs. Cons

Nibble ProsNibble Cons
Easy to install and onboardStrong customer supportsMultiple integrationsAutomated OffersCombine cart with negotiated and non-negotiated itemsUser friendly dashboardLimits on 2 out of 3 plansPriceyCan’t filter offers by customerChat bot can be gimmicky

Nibble – AI Overview

Nibble is a chatbot that came out of the 2021 LBS Incubator Programme (An initiative through the London Business School designed to support start-ups). It won two 2021 Retail Systems Awards for best personalization tool and start-up of the year. They have been live on Shopify since 2020 and can boast 24 five star reviews to their name.

Customers negotiate with the chatbot that can be set with rules for negotiation and merchants can set how aggressively they want the chatbot to negotiate.This interactive feature adds a layer of excitement and interactivity to the shopping process, making it more enjoyable for customers while possibly also feeling a little gimmicky.

One of the key highlights of Nibble is its seamless integration with Shopify, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free setup for businesses. The built-in interface makes it easy for merchants to customize and configure the app to suit their unique needs.

Nibble also provides valuable insights and analytics to help businesses track the performance of their offers. Merchants can gain insights into customer behaviour, offer acceptance rates, and overall sales impact, allowing them to make data-driven decisions and optimize their pricing strategy.

The app’s customer support team is highly responsive and dedicated, ensuring that businesses receive timely assistance whenever needed. This commitment to exceptional support has earned praise from customers who have experienced firsthand the team’s dedication and willingness to go the extra mile.

However, their paid plans are quite pricey with limitations on 2 out of their 3 plans. If you are a small business, it might be a tough pill to swallow without any guaranteed returns. 

By incorporating Nibble – AI Make an Offer into their Shopify store, businesses can unlock new opportunities for customer engagement and increase conversions. With its innovative features, seamless integration, and a focus on customer satisfaction, Nibble – AI Make an Offer is a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their pricing strategy and provide a dynamic shopping experience for their customers.

Nibble – AI Gallery

Nibble – AI Reviews

Merchants have been raving about their experience with Nibble AI, and it is no wonder why. With 24 reviews and a perfect 5-star rating, one aspect that stands out is their extraordinary customer support which can ensure that their users feel supported and confident in using the app’s services. One of their users, Circuit Records shared, “The support team at Nibble is extraordinary and have helped us at all hours, including the weekend.” 

Another notable feature that customers appreciate is Nibble AI’s innovative use of artificial intelligence. ICONIC LONDON spoke about the unique and cutting-edge nature of the app by saying, “We’ve been through quite a few apps during our time on Shopify, but have never come across anything quite as innovative and engaging as Nibble.” 

Finally, Just like Make an Offer, Nibble AI is proving itself by capturing customers that would have otherwise been missed. Delta Portable Power Stations USA said about this capability, “I’ve had few conversions so far and some leads that I wouldn’t have captured otherwise.” The app’s ability to reach and engage with customers who may have slipped through the cracks is a significant advantage for businesses using Nibble AI.

#3 Negotio

Affordable while lacking any customization

Start free with a charge of 1% of the offer amounts that convert to a fully paid order

Negotio Pros vs. Cons

Negotio ProsNegotio Cons
Offer multiple languages for button and promptsCan place offers on an entire cartCan remove items from cart More affordable (1% user charge on completed offers)Looks very basicLacks customizationNo customer email collection

Negotio Overview

Negotio is another “Best Offer” negotiation app that is more comparable to Make an Offer and Nibble – AI. It is closer to Nibble – AI in the sense that it is completely automated, but it doesn’t have the option to manually interact with offers. Their automated offer system comes off as a much lower quality version of the Nibble chat bot.

A few things the app adds value to is for the customers ability to place an offer on the entire cart and even remove items from their cart if they decide to make some modifications before checking out. This is a great feature that can prevent businesses from losing out on customers who may change their mind during the last minute and are not forced to checkout with the whole cart or nothing.

Negotio comes in as the most affordable app with charging only a 1% user charge on offers that are converted to a fully paid order. This can be great for small businesses that are already dealing with small profit margins but still may be difficult for businesses with high price items who may want some customization and flexibility in the pricing plan options that are available.

With only a 3.8 star rating, this app is definitely near the bottom of our list as there do appear to be some issues expressed by merchants through their reviews. Overall, the app is quite basic and doesn’t do much in regards to in app features or customization for how it looks on a store. Their analytics are also lagging far behind by providing only how many offers are received, accepted, and the acceptance rate of offers.

While having a lot of potential, Negotio requires a lot of work for it to be taken to the next level and compete with the more established negotiation apps.

Negotio comes in as the most affordable app with charging only a 1% user charge on offers that are converted to a fully paid order.

Negotio Gallery

Negotio Reviews

With only a handful of reviews, a common sentiment expressed is the ease of use and installation for Negotio. Not having to spend hours on troubleshooting to get an app set up is a big pain point for merchants and GEORGY COLLECTION lets us know how quickly they were able to start making sales “Easy to install, easy to use! We had 10 sales in only 2 days since using this app.”

Some customers are also clearly enjoying the more affordable price plan with Problem Solver Store/Shop mentioning, “The 1% fee is also very reasonable. Very satisfied with my experience so far.”

However, with the lower price plan customers are also having frustration with a lack of customizations and bugs they are experiencing. Users should be careful as Just Stuff I Sell lets us know that additional discounts can get added to the negotiated price through the app “No way to disable discount codes in the shopping cart you might send out for marketing”

#4 Lury

Multiple languages but no collection of customer data

Start free charge of 1% of the offer amounts that convert to a fully paid order

Lury Pros vs. Cons

Lury ProsLury Cons
Supports multiple languagesCapture email & phone leads for all the offersLooks very basicLacks customizationDoesn’t offer anything more than what others offer

Lury Overview

Coming in at number 6; Lury, much like Negotio, falls under the lower end of the spectrum of “Best Offer” negotiation apps. Lury also only allows automated offers but they are actually quite easy to set up where merchants can decide to enable the feature for entire collections while also disable it for specific products within those collections.

Surprisingly, Lury does offer support for multiple languages which is something the other apps except Negotio are lacking, and it even allows merchants to capture email and phone leads through their offer submission form. While customers may be uncomfortable being forced to provide their phone numbers in order to submit an offer, merchants do have the ability to disable this feature. 

With only one payment plan like Negotio, Lury is also the most affordable with their 1% charge on every offer that converts into a fully paid order. Just like having the same potential that Negotio does, Lury seems like another app trying to replicate the Make an Offer model and having limited success and looking pretty basic. They don’t offer much more than what the other apps already do and it’s unclear if they will continue to build and grow their app. 

With only 2 reviews since 2021, they have a long way to go before being a legitimate competitor with the top negotiation apps.

Lury Gallery

Lury Reviews

With only two reviews overall, it’s difficult to know what customers really feel about Lury. What we do know is that the two merchants are pleased with the app and the customer support that was provided to them.  BOPF | Business of Preloved Fashion shares their experience with a bug that Lury’s team was able to support with, “This has been resolved and we are happy with the tool again. Appreciate the professional approach demonstrated by the team to resolve this Thanks” 

#5 Snap! Request Quote Hide Price

Hide product price but best suited for B2B merchants

Start free without ability to make sales
Snap! Request Quote ProsSnap! Request Quote Cons
Ability to hide price and “Add to Cart” buttonCan add product for a quote through collection page  Advanced email customizationAutomation of draft orders Not user friendlyAutomation of draft orders feature only for Enterprise customersPrice hiding may result in many unrealistic offers

Snap! Request Quote Hide Price Overview

Snap! Request Quote Hide Price is a powerful app designed for Shopify stores that enables businesses to hide product prices and instead allow customers to request quotes. This unique functionality opens up new opportunities for negotiation and personalized pricing, giving businesses the flexibility to cater to individual customer needs.

With Snap!, businesses can create a more interactive and engaging shopping experience by replacing traditional fixed prices with a “Request Quote” button. This empowers customers to initiate a conversation and negotiate pricing based on their specific requirements or preferences.

The app seamlessly integrates with Shopify, making it easy for businesses to set up and manage their hidden pricing strategy. The built-in user interface and configuration options allow merchants to customize the app to align with their branding and store design.

Snap! provides businesses with greater control over their pricing and the ability to create a more tailored buying experience. By hiding prices, businesses can encourage direct engagement with customers, nurture leads, and potentially secure higher-value sales through negotiation. The app also offers advanced analytics on quote collection activity so users can monitor the shopping habits of their customers.

That being said, interacting with the app can be overwhelming for the average Shopify merchant. There is a lot of support offered through guides and their customer support centre to help those who are finding it complicated to set up and interact with for their business.

Businesses should note that hiding prices may lead to a longer sales cycle where customers are requesting quotes and waiting for a response. This model is most likely not good for catching impulse purchases and customers may move on to other stores with readily available pricing information.

Another drawback is that negotiation and quoting processes may require additional time and resources to manage. Businesses need to ensure they have the necessary customer support and systems in place to handle quote requests promptly and efficiently which can be an added cost for merchants. Businesses should consider their target audience and the impact that hidden prices may have on customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Providing three paid plans, they also offer a 30% discount if merchants sign up for the year. With automation of draft orders only available for their Enterprise customers, it could be worth the extra penny to reduce the possible costs it would take for staff to manually create draft orders.

Despite these drawbacks, Snap! offers businesses valuable features to enhance their pricing strategy and customer engagement. By carefully evaluating their target market and considering the potential impact, businesses can leverage the app’s benefits to create a unique buying experience on Shopify.

Snap! Request Quote Hide Price Reviews

Customers have been expressing their satisfaction with Snap! Request Quote Hide Price, sharing positive feedback about its functionality, impact on their businesses, and the app’s willingness to provide personal customization.

With onboarding and functionality being key for merchants, Le Petite Garden expressed their pleasure by saying, “This app fits our business needs perfectly. The custom fields as well as design/layout make the form integrate with our website seamlessly”

Merchants are also expressing how the app is helping their business with Space Walk Inflatables sharing, “It helps us to run custom shipping quotes to give our customers the best shipping prices and deals we could offer, all before checkout… Best investment we have made for our website!”

While general customer support is hard to find, this app is going above and beyond by providing merchants with custom functionality their service doesn’t even come with in the first place. Akiro Oy tells us about this experience, ” I had a very specific process I needed and the app provides enough flexibility to make it happen… being understanding and flexible to adapt to specific wishes not part of the app.”

#6 G:Request a Quote + Hide Price

Offer through collection page but no automation

Starts free without ability to make sales

G: Request a Quote + Hide Price Pros vs. Cons

Omega Request ProsOmega Request Cons
Ability to hide price and “Add to Cart” buttonCan add product for a quote through collection pageGoogle recaptcha for offersRequire customer login to request a quote featureSame to view product pricesOffers have to be handled manuallyNot practical for stores receiving a large volume of offers

G: Request a Quote + Hide Price Overview

G:Request a Quote + Hide Price very much functions the exact way that Snap! Request Quote Hide Price does. The app allows businesses to hide product prices and allow customers to negotiate on pricing through submitting quotes. 

G:Request enables a business to provide requesting quotes through their collection page, product page, and even their cart page so their customers have the ability to interact with quotes on every section of their store. While they provide the ability to use Google recaptcha as a safety measure, it may also annoy customers that feel it’s acting as a hurdle.

The app has the added feature to allow customers to view product prices if they create an account with the store. This can be especially useful for gathering customer shopping information, and having access to your customers for marketing campaigns. This can additionally be leveraged by businesses to charge a subscription fee to customers with accounts in order for them to have access to prices and increased discounts.

Like its direct competitor Snap! Request Quote, this app may be best suited for a B2B model. Especially since G:Request doesn’t seem to have automation of draft orders so it may not be practical to deal with a large volume of offers manually. 

Also providing three different paid plans, their PRO+ plan ends up on the pricier side in comparison to Snap! Request Quote. Businesses should really compare the cost benefit of the features, integrations, and functionalities the two separate request a quote apps offer before deciding what best suits their business.

Request a Quote + Hide Price Reviews

With customer support being a common theme among the top three apps, G:Request a Quote is no slouch in this area. With their 282 five star reviews, an overwhelming amount of them make mention of their exceptional customer support. Flex Star is one of these customers that says, “This has been a great app and the support team is extremely responsive to requests for solutions to small tweaks or assistance to the app experience!”

With so many positive reviews, it can only be a testament for an app delivering on what they advertised to customers and PJ Trailers Canada Inc. confirms this with their review by  saying, “…beneficial app, Charging for large items have always been a struggle but with this app, we can precisely get a quote to our customers”

By delivering what they promised, merchants like Mawu Africa are also expressing how the app is perfect for their B2B model, “I used the app to manage new B2B customers. I really like how easy it is to setup, use and integrations available.”

#7 Pay What You Want

Visible from collections page but no free option

Start at $4.99/mo for Basic Shopify stores

Display Make an Offer option on collections pageExempt shipping price optionExempt tax price optionGood for non-profits/donationsRemove items from cartMin price option is counter intuitiveNo free planOnly for specific businessesBuy it now option resets cart

Pay What You Want Overview

With Pay What You Want, merchants can enable a button on their collections page so their customers know exactly what products are eligible for offers without having to check the product page itself. This is the only app where customers don’t have to initiate a pop-up or form in order to submit a price they want to pay. Pay What You Want allows customers to submit the amount they want to pay through a price field on the product page and adding that product to their cart page. Customers can also remove items from their cart if they change their mind before following through with a purchase.

If you want to give your customers the option to be exempt from taxes or shipping on a product, Pay What You Want does provide this cool feature and it could be very useful for certain case scenarios. It’s also quite easy to enable products for offers and set the price range limits so merchants can get set up quickly. This app could be perfect for a non-profit store that wants to allow customers to pay whatever it is they want while also having a suggested price visible, although the other negotiation apps can be configured to function in the same way. 

Additionally there are quite a few more drawbacks when it comes to this app. For starters, while they do offer a 7 day trial period, there is no free plan and merchants have to pay a monthly subscription based on the type of Shopify store they have. Starting at $4.99 per month for Basic Shopify stores to $11.99 per month for Shopify Plus, merchants don’t have a significant amount of time with the app to figure out if it’s even worth the cost in the first place.

Their option to display the minimum price accepted for a product also seems counterintuitive if merchants are trying to optimize the use of negotiation style apps, but maybe it’s an option for charities or specific stores who see value in the option. One more thing merchants will notice is that if a customer has a full cart of products and they happen to click on the “Buy it Now” button on the product page, the customer’s cart will get reset and they would have to go back to those products individually and start the process all over again. Merchants should also note that when using the Pay What You Want option, they will get redirected to the cart page and will then have to leave the cart page in order to continue shopping which can be a little annoying to have to continuously do that if purchasing multiple products.

Pay What You Want Reviews

With 28 reviews for an average rating of 4.5 stars, customers are pretty pleased with their customer support.  Merchants like Care-uat said in their review that  “The team at Extendons are great to deal with. They are very responsive and accommodating. All round, a great customer service experience”. Businesses are also finding the app to be working as advertised and with non-profits like RETpositive finding special use for it, “We are a nonprofit that needed a way to allow donors to contribute a custom amount (in addition to some pre-defined dollar amounts).This app worked beautifully for that!”. However, there were also quite a few reviews about the speed of the app with the price submission box taking some time to load. We experienced something similar to what Casa Privada noted, “I’m having problems with this app, it take a 3-5 seconds to load the square where you can put a price”

Why Should You Care About Price Negotiation?

The Shopify App experts behind Magical Apps explain:

“Price negotiation on Shopify is one of many pricing strategies that merchants online often neglect. It’s about enabling the same type of conversation about price online that can often exist for customers who visit brick-and-mortar stores in real life.

And to use myself as an example, while I might not be the type of person to initiate a negotiation in real life, if I see the option available for a product online that I have interest in, what reason would I have to not engage?

The most well-known example of price negotiation out there right now is eBay’s “Best Offer” functionality. Playing Beyblade is a hobby of mine and I’ve used this functionality in the past to make an offer on a rare piece of Beyblade equipment. The offer wasn’t ultimately accepted, but the ability for me to do this made me engaged and thinking about the item for weeks and months afterwards. It generated a connection to the merchant that they could choose to leverage in the future too.

Apps like Make an Offer generate revenue and connections that are priceless for merchants because they ultimately would not have otherwise existed without the offering functionality being available.

So, to me, it goes without saying that price negotiation should be considered deeply as an option for at least some products. Which price negotiation Shopify app you choose for your store will depend on what your goals and budget are, as well as which industry you operate within.

Remember that this type of strategy does not need to be employed at all times for all of your products if it doesn’t suit your business. I encourage you to think about if there are more specific use case scenarios for specific products, times of the year, or conditions that would make it viable for you when considering how to proceed and which app to use.”

– Scott Williamson


Running a successful business can be challenging, merchants are often wearing a lot of hats and dont have the time to test a million apps to see which one is the best for their business. For most businesses it will make sense to generate additional interest and purchases with a price negotiation app. Our top pick was the Make an Offer app which was the “Best overall app although a premium price”

If you’re interested in learning about additional ways you can leverage pricing psychology to sell more products on Shopify you should check out our guide to Use Pricing Psychology Strategies to Sell More Stuff on Shopify

Magical Make an Offer

Use the Magical Make an Offer app to sell more products. Easily add Make an Offer and Pay What you Want buttons to products.