Vacation Mode is the best way for you to take some time off from your Shopify store. With Shopify Vacation Mode, you can turn off your purchasing options while still keeping your store active – unlike the Shopify Pause and Build plan.

Why you would want to use Vacation Mode

Vacation Mode lets you put your shop on hold for a period of time, and is helpful if:

  • Your shop is closed temporarily.
  • An unexpected event stops you from being able to take care of your store.
  • You’re traveling or sick.
  • You just need a quick break to catch up on current orders or something like that.

How to put your Shopify store on vacation mode

  1. Click to add the Magical Vacation Mode App from the Shopify App Store.

Benefits of Magical Vacation Mode

  1. Simple on/off toggle to enable or disable ordering for your online store
  2. Disable all “Add to Cart”, “Quantity” selectors, and “Buy” buttons in your Shopify theme
  3. Optionally disable all pricing displays in your Shopify theme
  4. Collect emails while vacation mode is on, then notify customers when you return.
  5. Display your store’s status with a site-wide popup message or inline on individual pages.

Shopify Pause and Build Plan vs. Magical Vacation Mode

Shopify has a paid plan called Pause and Build designed to allow you to deactivate your cart. However it’s limited in comparison to what the Magical Vacation Mode app can do. See for yourself in our handy comparison list below.

Shopify Pause and Build Plan

  1. Allows you to take a break from selling on Shopify, but continue working on your store.
  2. Your store needs to be past the free trial period, and on a paid plan. If your store doesn’t meet these criteria, then you can’t pause your store.
  3. You can access your Shopify admin and edit your products when you need to, but your checkout is disabled. This means that customers can review your products, but they can’t purchase them. It’s important to note that while your checkout is disabled customers would still see products, pricing and add to cart button on your store
  4. While your store is paused, you can’t use online store checkout, POS, discounts, abandoned checkout recovery, gift cards, or third-party integrations such as Facebook and Google to publish your products. You can send draft order invoices, but the customer won’t be able to complete the checkout process and draft orders can’t be converted to live orders.
  5. When you use the Pause and Build plan, your store continues to run at a reduced cost of $14 USD or less per month

Magical Vacation Mode

  1. Automatically hides your add to cart buttons from your online store.
  2. Easily activate a popup message on your site or on individual pages letting your customers know why you are on vacation mode.
  3. Collect email signups with a popup form while your store is on vacation mode so that you can email them when you return to your shop.
  4. Continue to use other sales channels, like POS while your online store is on vacation mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use a vacation mode on Shopify?

Yes, you can use Shopify’s vacation mode to pause your shop for a specific amount of time. This can be helpful if you’re closed temporarily, traveling, or need a break from managing your store. To put your Shopify store on vacation mode, you’ll need to install the Magical Vacation Mode app from the Shopify App Store.

Does Shopify have a feature like Etsy Vacation Mode?

Yes, Shopify does have a feature like Etsy Vacation Mode. It’s through an app called Magical Vacation Mode.

What should I do with my existing orders when I put my Shopify store on vacation mode?

Vacation Mode is the easiest way to hide your add to cart or purchasing options on your online store. We recommend that you fulfill any existing orders before you activate vacation mode. When you temporarily close your Shopify store, you can either: A) Cancel all existing orders and refund your customers. B) Keep all existing orders and do not refund your customers. Which option you choose will depend on your specific situation and the policies of your Shopify store. If you have to cancel all orders, we recommend reaching out to your customers individually to let them know about the closure and refunds. If you decide to keep all orders, it’s important to communicate with your customers about the closure. You can do this by adding a note to your shop’s homepage, or sending an email blast announcing the closure.

Can I still use POS when my store is on vacation mode?

Yes you can continue to sell through POS or other sales channels if you want to do that. Vacation Mode simply removes the ability for customers to use the purchase options on your online store sales channel.

Is there a way to set up a holiday mode or an out of office for my shopify app?

Yes, it’s easy to create a holiday mode if you want to take a short break from running your shopify store or post an out of office style message on your Shopify online storefront. 

Vacation Mode Message Templates

We recommend using a short descriptive message on your shop when you activate vacation mode to let your customers know what you plans are, and when they can expect the store to reopen. Please feel free to use these templates on your shop:

Template 1

Thank you for your interest in our [SHOPNAME]! We will be on vacation mode from [DATE] to [DATE]. During this time, we will not be processing any new orders. However, all of our existing orders will be fulfilled as normal. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will be back in the office on [DATE]. Thank you for your understanding, and happy holidays!

Template 2

I’m taking a much-needed break from Shopify to focus on my mental health. I’m not sure when the shop will be back online but if you sign up for my newsletter I’ll email you as soon as I am back. I’m looking forward to this break and I’ll hopefully return renewed and reenergized.

Top reasons why it’s a good idea to take a break from running your retail store.

  1. It can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations of your store and lose focus on your long-term goals.
  2. Taking a break can help you rejuvenate and come back with a fresh perspective.
  3. The Shopify Vacation Mode lets you pause your shop while still keeping it active, which is perfect if you need to take a break for any reason.
  4. It’s also a great way to temporarily close your store if it’s closed for a specific event.
  5. Taking a break can also help reduce stress and give you time to focus on other important aspects of your life. When you’re refreshed, you’ll be able to come back to Shopify with a renewed energy and better strategies for moving forward.

Best way to activate vacation mode on your Shopify store. 

If you’re looking for an easy way to take a break from Shopify, the Vacation Mode app is a great option. It lets you hide your purchase options and pause your shop while still keeping it active enough, which is perfect if you need to take a break for any reason.

Get free help and support to setup vacation mode on your Shopify store. Click to view the Magical Vacation Mode app on the Shopify App store.

Magical Vacation Mode

Use the Magical Vacation Mode App to pause your online sales letting you take a break, go on holiday, or get caught up.