About Saad Khalid

Customer Support at Magical Apps

Hi! I’m Saad.

I am a skilled Customer success rep having helped over 1,000 Shopify stores like Bear and Raven Antiques, lizsonnenbags, and Artist Replete.

Through my experience I have cultivated a deep understanding of Shopify’s platform and its potential to drive business success and what can help business get to the next level.

Through taking and managing multiple customer requests and inquiries, I have been able to ensure a seamless online shopping experience for clients and what they find important for their business.

Feedback from Shopify merchants

This app is GREAT! I’ve had some issues but my my concerns were dealt with immediately. Saad is 100% the best app customer response person I’ve worked with. Highly recommend. – Six & Sutton

Saad and his team were great! Because we have the site in multiple languages they make some codes to make it work on all sites. Thank you and highly recommended – Mister Beauty

The support team is PHENOMENAL. Shout out to Saad and the rest of the team went above and beyond to do customizations to the buttons and emails to make it work with our theme. – Artonique

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