October 19, 2023 – Magical Form Fields 2.6.0 Launched

  • Added : Conditional fields. Fields can now be set to show or hide based on the value of other fields. This allows merchants to create more complex forms.

September 29, 2023 – Magical Form Fields 2.5.0 Launched

  • Added : Duplicate field groups. Field groups can now be duplicated from the field groups page. This allows merchants to create a new field group that is similar to an existing field group.
  • Added : Minimum and maximum character settings on the Short Answer and Paragraph field types. This allows merchants to limit the number of characters a customer can enter in a short answer or paragraph field.
  • Added : Available days setting on the Date field type. This allows merchants to set the days of the week that customers can select in the date field.

August 23, 2023 – Magical Form Fields 2.4.0 Launched

  • Added : App home page. The app home page is now the default page when the app is loaded. Over time the home page be updated to provide daily value and answers any questions that merchants might have.
  • Improved : Admin performance. The admin has been optimized to ensure the best load times when navigating the app admin.
  • Improved : Admin layout. All pages in the admin have been revised to follow the Shopify App Design Guidelines to give a consistent look, feel, and create a predictable user experience for merchants.

May 1, 2023 – Magical Form Fields 2.3.0 Launched

  • Added : File upload field. Merchants can now add file upload to fields on products. Using the file upload field type, merchants can allow customers to upload images, pdfs, and csv files to their order. The files are stored on the merchant’s Shopify account and can be accessed from the order details page or the Files page in the Shopify admin.

March 21, 2023 – Magical Form Fields 2.2.0 Launched

  • Added : Cart fields. Shopify Plus merchants can now upgrade to the Growth plan to add fields to the checkout page. This allows for fields to be added to an order not tied to a specific product. On the Growth plan a new cart option will be displayed when creating a field group and a new Checkout UI extension is available to display the fields on the checkout.
  • Added : Settings page. Details of the current plan are now displayed on the settings page. It also includes the ability to upgrade or downgrade based on feature availability.
  • Improved : App performance. We continue to work to make improvements to the speed of the app admin.

February 13, 2023 – Magical Form Fields 2.1.0 Launched

  • Added : Additional style options for the app embed block.
  • Improved : Field group output is updated to be more compact and connected with the section they are added to.

February 6, 2023 – Magical Form Fields 2.0.0 Launched

  • Added : Customize the style of your fields within the app embed block. Settings for font, text color, background color, border color, border radius, and alignment are now available. You can also add custom css for even more control of your style.

January 31, 2023 – Magical Form Fields 1.1.0 Launched

  • Added : Set custom placeholder text on Short Answer and Paragraph field types.

September 22, 2022 – Magical Form Fields 1.0.0 Launched

  • Added : Create and Edit field groups to show fields on the Online Store.
  • Added : Select from seven field types to add to your field groups.
  • Added : Field Groups overview screen to preview, order and delete groups.
  • Added : Inline app block to display fields in Online Store 2.0 templates.

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