September 27, 2023 – Magical Make an Offer 2.0.0 Launched

  • Added : Create and Edit offers to allow customers to make offer requests on products on the Online Store.
  • Added : Set automations for automatically accepting, declining, and countering offer requests.
  • Added : Set expiry for making accepted or countered offer requests time sensitive.
  • Added : Set display options for enabling button, banner, and inline components on the Online Store.
  • Added : Offer requests overview screen to view and filter offer requests.
  • Added : Offer request screen to view offer request details and approve, decline, or counter offer requests.
  • Added : Notifications screen to edit the email templates sent to customers when an offer request is made or updated.
  • Added : Analytics screen to visualize offer request and revenue data.
  • Added : Settings screen to change plan and modify app settings.
  • Added : Starter, Pro, and Power plans with monthly subscription plans offering discounted transaction fees.
  • Added : Make an Offer Button app block to display a make an offer button that triggers a modal in Online Store 2.0 templates.
  • Added : Make an Offer Inline Form app block to display an inline make an offer form in Online Store 2.0 templates.

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Magical Make an Offer

Use the Magical Make an Offer app to sell more products. Easily add Make an Offer and Pay What you Want buttons to products.