Your Complete Guide to Understanding and Using Magical XML & HTML Sitemap

Discover answers to common questions about the Magical XML/HTML Sitemap app for Shopify and solutions to issues merchants encounter.

About Magical XML/HTML Sitemap

How does this app work?


The Magical XML/HTML Sitemap app features an intuitive HTML sitemap builder on the back-end as well as access to your XML Sitemap link and instructions for adding domain properties, verifying your site with Google, and submitting your sitemap file to Google Search Console.

The HTML sitemap builder is split into two major categories: Sections and Items.

Sections group content on your sitemap and Items exist within them. For instance, there could be a T-Shirts Section with Items within it representing various T-Shirt Collections (ex. Men’s T-Shirts, Women’s T-Shirts, etc).

Items can:

  1. Generate complete lists of all major content types in Shopify (Products, Collections, Pages, Blogs, Blog Posts).
  2. Be manually constructed to link to a specific piece of content on your store or through a Custom URL.

Sections and Items can be re-arranged through drag-and-drop functionality in order to construct whatever layout and ordering of content is required for your store.


On the front-end, the app takes a visual table of content approach. Layout and style options allow you to customize the appearance of the sitemap.

Variants can be added manually using the sitemap builder in the app, but the sitemap generator functionality of the app only creates links to the top level products, not any variants.

Can I exclude specific content from my HTML sitemap when using the All Products, All Collections, or All Pages items?

No. The All Products, All Collections, and All Pages Items will output all content in each of these categories when used.

Alternatively, you can add the content you want on your HTML sitemap manually one-by-one using the other available Item types.

Does this app generate an image XML sitemap?

No. At this time the app does not offer the ability to create an image XML sitemap. As far as XML sitemaps go, the app only offers access to the XML sitemap which Shopify generates, which includes the primary product image for each of your products.

Why should I use an HTML sitemap?

An HTML sitemap is primarily relevant for users of your website and supports them in navigating through your site.

Why should I use an XML sitemap?

XML sitemaps are mainly created for Google and other search engine crawlers and help them to find all content on your website.

Both types of sitemaps complement each other in their functionality so it makes sense to use both for usability and SEO.

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