Choosing the Best Shopify Order Form Fields App for Your Store

We have researched and identified the best Shopify Apps designed to help you gather customer data when they are purchasing products in your store.

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you understand the importance of capturing essential order details from your customers. These details can range from personalized product options to additional information necessary for smooth order processing. That’s where Shopify order form field apps come into play.

In this article, we’ll examine the top six Shopify order form field apps, by exploring their standout features, pros and cons, pricing plans, and more.

Each app offers unique features to enhance your online store’s functionality. These apps enable you to easily customize and manage order forms, ensuring you collect the exact information you need. From text fields and checkboxes to image uploads and select options, these apps provide a variety of form field types to cater to your specific requirements.

But it doesn’t stop there. These apps also offer a range of valuable functionalities such as validation options to:

  1. Ensure accurate data collection
  2. Display conditions to show form fields based on specific products
  3. Integrate with email notifications and order summaries.

You’ll find features that help streamline your order management process and provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the top contenders in this field, empowering you to make an informed decision and choose the best app to enhance your e-commerce business.

Magical Order Form Fields is the best order form fields app for Shopify. 

Magical Order Form Fields is the most reliable app with 41 five star reviews amounting to a best-in-class overall rating of 4.9 stars out of 5. 

Read our full review below to see why we picked Magical Order Form Fields as the best order form fields app for Shopify. 

The Best Order Form Fields Shopify Apps:

  1. Magical Order Form Fields – Effortless order management but limited dynamic checkout button compatibility
  2. Infinite Options – Offers theme compatibility but will require coding knowledge
  3. Advanced Product Options – Unlimited customization but only on their most expensive plan
  4. Hulk Product Options – Pricing options but could be limiting
  5. Bold Product Options – Offers conditional logic but only on their $49/mo plan
  6. Expo – Extra Product Options – 100+ product options but advanced plan not worth it
Each app offers features to simplify order management and make the shopping experience better.

#1 Magical Order Form Fields 

Effortless order management but limited dynamic checkout button compatibility

View on Shopify App Store

Starts at $4.99/month with a 14-day free trial

Magical Order Form Fields ProsMagical Order Form Fields Cons
Easy to use
Customizable form options
Integration with customer orders
Brand customization
Compatibility with accelerated checkout methods
Support for Shopify email notifications and packing slips
Limited compatibility with dynamic checkout buttons
Restricted display of custom fields
Custom fields not compatible with accelerated checkout methods from product page

Magical Order Form Fields Overview

Magical Order Form Field stands out with its user-friendly interface and intuitive form builder. With a wide range of form field options like text fields, image uploads, checkboxes, and more, you can easily customize your order forms to collect the exact information you need.

Plus, the app seamlessly integrates the form data with customer orders, allowing you to access and analyze the additional details efficiently.

One of the key advantages of this app is its flexibility in customization. Whether you’re a small business or an established brand, Magical Order Form Fields offers the tools to create a unique and engaging shopping experience for your customers.

You can style the form fields to match your brand’s identity, ensuring a consistent and professional look across your online store.

Accelerated checkout methods are fully supported by this app, enabling smooth and convenient transactions, with the exception of custom fields on product pages. It’s also worth noting that dynamic checkout buttons are not compatible with Magical Order Form Fields. So if you rely heavily on dynamic checkout, you may want to consider other options. 

Nevertheless, Magical Order Form Fields remains a strong contender in the Shopify order form field app market. This app empowers businesses to collect essential order details and exceptional customer service. 

Enhancing customer communication is made easy with Magical Order Form Fields. By incorporating custom field answers into email notifications and packing slips, you can keep your customers informed about important details and streamline your order fulfillment process.

When it comes to pricing, Magical Order Form Field offers two plans to cater to different business needs. The Starter Plan is priced at $4.99 per month, providing unlimited custom form fields, support, and orders, along with a 14-day free trial. Merchants should note that custom form fields can only be displayed outside of product pages for those on the Growth Plan. 

For merchants seeking advanced functionalities, the Growth Plan is available at $9.99 per month, exclusively for Shopify Plus users. It includes all the features of the Starter Plan, as well as advanced functionalities like cart-based fields and checkout extensions.

With a wide range of form field options like text fields, image uploads, checkboxes, and more, you can easily customize your order forms to collect the exact information you need.

Magical Order Form Fields Reviews

With a near perfect overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, reviews for this app are incredibly positive.

A common theme in the review section is that customers express how the app works exactly as advertised. Faye Rosaly says, “Works great, does exactly what it should do. Makes it very easy to add different fields to specific products. In short: great app.”

Not only does this app work as intended, customers are also finding it simple and easy to use. Southern Buoy says that it’s “Super useful, super simple, very effective”.

And just to round things off, customers absolutely love the support they get from Magical Apps. Hili shares, “we just can’t explain how good is the support we got from the support team…. we felt like the support team is actually a part of our own team!” 

#2 Infinite Options 

Offers theme compatibility but will require coding knowledge

View on Shopify App Store

Starts at $12.99/mo with a 14-day free trial

Infinite Options ProsInfinite Options Cons
Unlimited customization
Customization for visual appeal
Add-ons for transparent charges
Product bundling
Versatile field types
Learning curve
Advanced customization requires coding
Unnecessary customization for simple stores

Infinite Options Overview

Infinite Options is another powerful app designed to supercharge your product options, offer customizable color and variant swatches, and even enable product bundling to boost sales. 

This app empowers you to add an unlimited number of product options to your items, allowing customers to select the exact choices that resonate with their preferences. 

Their wide range of options include dropdown menus, color and variant image swatches, radio buttons, checkboxes, and text fields, ensuring you can cater to any customization requirement.

You can also have add-ons that display per-option charges right on your product pages. Whether you need to offer gift-wrapping surcharges or rush processing fees, Infinite Options allows you to implement and communicate these additional charges transparently to your customers.

You  can  even create visually appealing dropdown menus and checkboxes, enabling multiple variant options for a more enjoyable shopping experience. Whether it’s engraving, monogramming, or custom printing, you can offer a vast array of customization options to suit your customers’ needs.

This app uses conditional logic and it does not require any additional costs to unlock it.

Infinite Options even has a product bundling feature that can help you increase your store’s average order size and maximize sales. 

With so many customization possibilities, the abundance of features might initially present a learning curve for some merchants. Additionally, while Infinite Options is highly customizable to match your store’s theme, advanced customization will require some CSS knowledge. However, they do have a lot of supporting documents and customer support available to help merchants along the way.

With only one payment plan of $12.99/mo, Infinite Options is a much more economical option than some of the other big apps out there. However, merchants should shop around to see if the features this app offers can be leveraged by your business to take on this cost in comparison to more affordable and simpler apps.

Infinite Options Reviews

With a staggering 3,803 reviews, this app has 3,500 five star reviews for an impressive 4.8 overall rating. Merchants praise this apps ease of use, reliability, and cost effectiveness when compared to the more expensive competitors out there.

The Wood Bat Factory says about their cost, “The price point is great – especially when compared to the other options which are significantly overpriced.”

Quilt my Shirts shares how they moved their business to Shopify because of this app, “Once I found Infinite Options, we moved our entire system over to Shopify and it has worked beautifully.” 

For an app with so many reviews, it would be no surprise that they have excellent support generally and for more complicated aspects of the app. Maeda Inc shares, “I knew I wanted to customize the CSS. When I asked for help the tech answered quickly & was able to adjust the code for me to give me the exact look and fee that I wanted”

#3 Advanced Product Options 

Unlimited customization but only on their most expensive plan

View on Shopify App Store

Starts at $4.99/mo limited to only one product with an unlimited product plan of $29.99/mo

Advanced Product Options ProsAdvanced Product Options Cons
Advanced Dependency Feature
12 option types
Conditional Logic
Option of unlimited customization
Niche limitations
Product limitations based on payment plan
Limited option types

Advanced Product Options Overview

Advanced Product Options allows merchants to effortlessly add product options and variant options to a single product, giving you flexibility to tailor your offerings to meet every customer’s unique preferences.

With Advanced Product Options, merchants control how their options behave by setting distinct prices, applying conditional rules, and choosing from 12 option types, including dropdowns, text boxes, color swatches, radio buttons, and checkboxes. 

This app’s advanced dependency feature allows you to specify how one selection influences other options. Merchants can offer personalized product combinations, custom pricing, and tailored upselling opportunities.

With Advanced Product Options, you can set options to have their own prices, either fixed or as a percentage of the product price. This pricing flexibility also allows you to offer add-ons, upgrades, or customizations.

However, it’s essential to consider some setbacks that may arise with this app. As it provides extensive customization capabilities, merchants who are new to such features may experience a learning curve. Navigating the multitude of customization options might require a bit of time and effort. 

Additionally, while the app offers an impressive range of option types, some merchants may find that certain specific niche needs aren’t fully addressed. Merchants should also note that the number of products they can make these options available for is limited based on the payment plan they chose. The app offers four payment options: $4.99 per month, $7.99 per month, $16.99 per month, and $29.99 per month.

The plan you choose determines the number of products you can customize with options. With the $4.99 per month plan, you can customize options for one product. The $7.99 per month plan allows you to customize options for 2 to 10 products.The $16.99 per month plan supports 11 to 100 products. And finally, the $29.99 per month plan unlocks the ability to customize options for an unlimited number of products.

Despite these considerations, Advanced Product Options remains a top-notch choice for merchants with smaller and larger product collections looking to offer product options to their customers. Merchants who can’t shell out the big bucks will still have a variety of options and payment plans to choose from that best suits their business. With its versatility, conditional logic, and unique pricing capabilities, this app can be an asset for any e-commerce store. 

With Advanced Product Options, merchants control how their options behave by setting distinct prices, applying conditional rules, and choosing from 12 option types.

Advanced Product Options Reviews

With over 450 five star reviews, this app holds a respectable 4.6 overall rating. Merchants love the extensive customization, how user friendly it is, and how it’s worth the cost for the complex configurations it provides.

I Heart Wall Art shares how this app has been a game changer for them, “I sell products with lots of customisations and this product has been an absolute lifesaver – makes it really simple to include all the information and options in a way that makes sense for customers, who know now exactly what they’re ordering.”

Raving about how easy the app is to use Titan Plates says, “The interface is sleek, intuitive, and user-friendly. Navigating through the various features and functionalities was a breeze, allowing me to customize my products effortlessly.”

And Woobie Beans Jewelry, Gifts & Apparel tells us about how this app allowed them to change ecommerce platforms, “I could have never switched from WooCommerce to Shopify because of our needs for customizations, customer uploads, etc. This app gives us all of the abilities for our customers to customize and makes creating new product listings incredibly easy.”

#4 Hulk Product Options 

Pricing options but could be limiting

View on Shopify App Store

Starts at $10/mo for their basic plan and up to $49.90/mo for their enterprise plan 

Hulk Product Options ProsHulk Product Options Cons
Versatile customization
Bulk customization
Image uploads for personalization
Checkout integration
Inventory management
Pricing tiers and product limitations
Learning curve for advanced features

Hulk Product Options Overview

With Hulk Product Options, you can provide your customers with a diverse array of options to personalize their purchases. From color swatches and dropdown menus to file uploads and custom pricing add-ons, the app allows for a seamless and interactive customization process.

One standout feature of Hulk Product Options is the ability to enable customers to upload images, letting them illustrate how they envision their personalized products.

For merchants with extensive inventories, the bulk apply customization feature can be very handy. You can apply custom options to thousands of products simultaneously, saving time and effort while providing consistent product offerings.

Hulk Product Options integrates with Shopify’s “Buy Now” and Shop Pay express checkout buttons, ensuring a smooth and efficient checkout process for your customers.

For businesses looking to take customization to the next level, the app offers advanced plans that include features like conditional logic, inventory and SKU management, option variants, quantity selector, and more. These advanced functionalities cater to larger enterprises with complex customization needs.

Merchants can choose from the Basic Plan for  $12/mo with 12 option types, the Advanced Plan for $20/mo with additional features like time picker and one-time charges, or the Enterprise Plan for $49.90/mo with all option types and advanced inventory management. 

With all of the pricing tiers and limitations, merchants will have to really do a cost benefit analysis of what plan would best suit their business. Additionally, with Hulk apps offering numerous other apps on Shopify, this app may make sense for someone already using their products so they don’t have to deal with integration issues.

Hulk Product Options Reviews

Coming in with 1,300 five star reviews for an overall 4.6 rating, merchants are really pleased with this app’s range of customization options, awesome customer support, and its reliable performance and seamless integration with other Shopify apps. 

Talking about how this app has been huge for their customization needs, Nurture Mobility says, “It has made a huge difference for my online store. I can customize my products in so many ways to match my customers’ needs and wants.”

Providing great customer support, Wicked Bride shares that their “Response is almost instant, they’re kind, courteous, and incredibly helpful.”

TruClothing how they use a few Hulk products, “We are using Hulk Products Option App and many others for months and we have never been disappointed. Definitely recommend them and their products/apps.”

#5 Bold Product Options

Offers conditional logic but only on their $49/mo plan

View on Shopify App Store

Starts at $19.99/mo with a free plan for development stores 

Bold Product Options ProsBold Product Options Cons
Extensive customization
Advanced conditional logic
Upselling opportunities
Visual Customization
Text Box and File Upload Features
App cost
Overwhelming options

Bold Product Options Overview

Bold Product Options is an extremely powerful app for product customization on your Shopify store. With limitless product variants and options, you can provide customers with an unparalleled level of customization. 

Bold Product Options empowers you to create advanced product option fields with conditional logic, enabling customers to personalize products to their exact preferences. One of the product options their conditional logic provides is a merchant’s ability to go beyond Shopify’s 100 variant limit.

This app also has the ability to upsell custom products, which can significantly boost your revenue and Average Order Value. By offering personalized options and add-ons, you can entice customers to explore more options and make additional purchases, leading to increased sales.

The app supports color swatches and variant images, allowing customers to visualize their customizations effectively. Whether you want to choose from a range of colors or see how their selected options would look on the product, Bold Product Options offers an immersive product customizer.

Additionally, the app includes text box and file upload features, enabling customers to provide specific details or upload files related to their customizations. This level of personalization fosters a sense of ownership over the product, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Bold Product Options also provides potential benefits for reducing returns and increasing customer retention. By offering tailored products that align with each customer’s preferences, you can possibly minimize the likelihood of returns and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

While this app’s powerful options pack quite a punch, so does their pricing plan. Their basic plan starts off at $19.99/mo but if merchants want to take advantage of their conditional logic feature, they will have to cough up a healthy $49.99/mo. The options and features this app provides can provide a ton of value, but merchants should evaluate if it is something their store really needs before taking on the extra cost. This app can either be a game changer for your business or an extra cost your store can’t actually leverage.

Bold Product Options Reviews

With over 2,000 five star reviews, Bold has an impressive 4.6 star rating and merchants are more than happy about their customization options, customer service, and the app’s ability to boost sales.

MindFlowers is over the moon about the app’s ability to customize their product options and says, “This app has been a HUGE benefit to us! One of our differentiators is our massive customization offerings, and with Shopify’s limitations on variants, we couldn’t do what we do without BOLD”

No slacker in customer service, Branding Evolution also shares their experience, “But what truly made my experience exceptional was Ahmed’s outstanding customer service. His responsiveness and dedication to ensuring my satisfaction were truly commendable”

What everyone is looking for when using these apps is to increase revenue and this is exactly what ISS Automotive Solutions was able to do, “We made LOTS and LOTS of money from this tool! Before this we have to use Shopify Varients. Now we use individual products to build bundles and INCREASE SALES to the moon!!“ 

#6 Expo – Extra Product Options

100+ product options but advanced plan not worth the price

View on Shopify App Store

Starts free with more options for their paid version

Expo – Extra Product Options ProsExpo – Extra Product Options Cons
Extensive product options
Bulk Option Management
Compatibility with translation apps
Automatic Currency Conversion
Conditional Actions
Attach Fees to Options
Unlimited Options and Custom Fields
Potential Complexity
Advanced features are more expensive 
May not be compatible with translation app you specifically use

Expo – Extra Product Options Overview

Expo – Extra Product Options is a great app. It allows you to create extra product options, catering to custom-made, printable products, engraving items, and more. It makes providing a personalized shopping experience easy.

With Expo, you can add over 100 product options to your product pages, and product pages in bulk, saving you time and effort. It allows you to create customizable products, dynamic variant options, and add-on services effortlessly.

Expo is compatible with many translation apps, allowing you to expand your global reach. However, you would have to check if the translation app you specifically use is compatible with it. Additionally, it automatically converts prices and fees to local currencies, facilitating international sales.

The app also offers a wide range of options to choose from, including buttons, checkboxes, color/image swatches, file uploaders, date/time pickers, and more. You can provide unlimited options and custom fields, allowing your customers to get their unique products tailored to their preferences.

With Expo, the next set of options automatically expands as the customer selects certain options, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience. You can also add extra fees and discounts based on specific conditions and selected products, offering personalized pricing strategies.

Streamlining your product management becomes effortless with Expo’s bulk assignment capabilities. Assign the entire option set to hand-picked products or a group of products, saving you time and ensuring consistency across your store.

Merchants should note that the following features are only available on their Pro plan of $19.90/mo: multi-selectable swatches/buttons, multi-currency, multi-language, fully customizable, VIP support. With that pricepoint in mind, it may just make more sense to pay that amount for one of the bigger apps that are more established.

All in all, Expo – Extra Product Options is a great app that empowers merchants to create customizable product options to help enhance your customer’s shopping experience. 

However, It’s essential to evaluate your specific business needs and consider whether you require these advanced product customizations for the price they are offering it at. They do have a free plan for merchants that can be worth testing out before deciding to move to a paid plan.

All in all, Expo – Extra Product Options is a great app that empowers merchants to create customizable product options to help enhance your customer’s shopping experience. 

Expo – Extra Product Options Reviews

With only 34 reviews, Expo is still doing some good work with earning an overall 4.6 rating out of 5 stars. Merchants are happy with its affordability, functionality, and customer support.

Sulk shares how easy it was to set up and how happy they are over the price, “After trying many similar apps, EXPO was compatible with the theme we use, and it was intuitive to touch without making the theme too messy. The price is also cheap!”

With so many other apps on the market, Franka shares how they settled on Expo after testing others, “We tested a number of apps and settled on EXPO because it was the simplest user interface and synced all options with products smoothly. We have tested it out on a number of complex products with conditional logic and are super happy with how it works and integrates.”

Merchants are also amazed at how little reviews this app has and that it should deter anyone from trying it out. Your Pet Canvas shares this sentiment by saying, “With so few reviews it’s definitely a hidden gem and deserves more attention. I had an issue to begin with so emailed the developers and they fixed it pretty quickly”

Why Should You Care About Order Form Fields?

The Shopify App experts behind Magical Apps explain:

“Order form fields are essential tools for your online store that allow customers to provide extra information when they make a purchase. It’s like asking them questions to make sure they get exactly what they want!

Imagine you’re selling cool T-shirts. With order form fields, you can ask your customers to pick their favorite color or write their name for a personalized touch. These small details can make a big difference in their shopping experience!

With so many similar products in the market, I personally love these customization options for clothing so I can purchase a unique product and add my own touch to it. Not only do these options allow me to express myself through these products, but it prevents me from the embarrassment of walking into a party with the exact same shirt that someone else is wearing!

Order form fields can also make your store stand out from the rest. By collecting extra details from your customers, you can create a super unique and tailored shopping journey. This means happier customers who feel valued and understood, and more sales for your business.

Remember, customers love having a unique experience and order form fields can help you create that for them!”

– Saad Khalid 

Shopify order form fields apps: It’s best to choose a reliable, affordable app with an intuitive form builder.


With so many apps in the market offering similar services, it’s very difficult for most businesses to find an app that is the best fit for them. If your business requires order form fields to: 

  1. Ensure accurate collection of additional information for product orders
  2. Display conditions to show form fields on specific products
  3. Integrate with email notifications and order summaries.

Our top pick for you is Magical Order Form Fields, which we said has “Effortless order management but limited dynamic checkout button compatibility”. While every app has its strengths and limitations, Magical Order Form Fields stands out for its seamless functionality, ease of use, and comprehensive features for the price point they are available at.

Magical Order Form Fields

Use the Magical Order Form Fields app to easily add form fields to products and checkout forms. Start collecting additional order details.