How Shopify Order Form Fields Can Transform Your Online Store

Whether you’re running an existing Shopify store or are thinking of getting started, custom order form fields may be one crucial element of your order management process that you are considering. But not everyone fully understands the variety of ways in which they can help to elevate the efficiency of their business or deepen their customer’s experience.

To that end, in this article, I will be expanding on the following top 5 benefits that order form fields bring to your online store:

As a part of the Magical Apps team, I’ve been doing a lot of research into order form fields and the Shopify apps that allow this functionality for merchants. Part of this research included a round up of the top order form field apps. In it, I tried out and compared each of the selected apps to help merchants have a better understanding of which app may best suit the needs of their store. If you want to access all of my research, check out our Ultimate Guide to Shopify Order Form Fields.

For the past five years, I have also regularly shopped through an online business, Shukr Clothing. It gives me the option to have my clothing size customized through a comment form field in their checkout process. General clothing sizes will either feel too big or too tight for me, but because of this form field option, they’ve enabled me to become a lifelong customer.

So let’s get into some of the top benefits you can experience by having product form fields as a part of your business.

Shopify Order Form Fields Benefits: Customization and Personalization, Collect Essential Information, Enhanced Product Presentation, Transparency and Compliance.

1. Customization and Personalization

Order form fields revolutionize the way customers engage with your products by offering them the power to personalize their selections. In a world where individuality is highly prized, and standardization is the norm, the ability to customize products according to unique preferences and needs becomes a powerful tool for enhancing customer experience.

Imagine a customer searching for a gift, and through order form fields, they can add a personal touch by engraving a heartfelt message on a necklace, give measurements for customized clothing, or upload a cherished photo for printing on a canvas. 

I play soccer and having the option to have our team jerseys customized is something we always look forward to. Unpacking our personalized jerseys is a memorable moment every new season.

soccer jersey with the name saad and number 0 on the back

2. Collecting Essential Information

One of the most remarkable advantages I’ve observed in my exploration of Shopify order form fields is their ability to effortlessly gather critical information. 

For instance, if you’re running an online clothing store. Customers often have unique body dimensions and preferences for clothing size. By integrating order form fields, customers can provide precise measurements and style preferences, ensuring that their clothes fit perfectly and match their style. 

The convenience of collecting essential information directly during the purchase journey enhances business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Through integrating product order form fields, merchants can simplify the ordering process for customers. Instead of multiple back-and-forth communications, customers can easily provide all necessary details upfront, reducing confusion and potential errors.

By simplifying the customization and information-gathering process, you’ll be able to focus on what you do best: delivering exceptional products and services. Say goodbye to the headaches of manual data collection and hello to a more efficient, customer-centric approach that sets your Shopify business apart

I often order traditional clothing from Shukr Clothing and they use order form fields to provide custom adjustments. Not only does this provide me with clothing that fits better, but the merchant can collect this important information to ensure that I as their customer gets exactly what I want. 

screenshot of shukr clothing website cart

3. Enhanced Product Presentation

The impact of effective product presentation cannot be overstated, and this is where order form fields shine brilliantly. 

Picture yourself as the owner of a premium jewelry boutique. Utilizing order form fields, you can empower customers to choose from a range of intricate gemstones, metal finishes, and engraving options for their desired piece. 

This interactive customization transforms the shopping experience into a creative journey, allowing customers to envision the final product in intricate detail. With colour swatches, image uploads, and text customizers, customers can make informed choices, seeing how each element contributes to the overall aesthetic. 

This heightened level of engagement doesn’t just increase confidence in the purchase; it elevates the perceived value of the product. By providing a dynamic, visual representation of their choices, order form fields create a virtual showroom where customers can curate their unique product. 

Being able to see different colour swatches for soccer jerseys is huge for my team because we can have a visual representation of what the product looks like in its different variations. It also just makes the store look more professional.

In a world where individuality is highly prized, and standardization is the norm, the ability to customize products according to unique preferences and needs becomes a powerful tool for enhancing customer experience.

4. Transparency and Compliance 

Order form fields can also help ensure compliance with regulations by collecting necessary information for certain products. Providing clear product information to your customers can help with the customer experience as well as establish trustworthiness for your business.

Some products, like alcohol or tobacco also require age verification. Order form fields can prompt customers to provide their birthdate, helping you comply with legal age restrictions. Shopify even has a whole section on their help center for merchants to learn about compliance and regulations for selling alcohol through Shopify.

Order form fields can also help your customers agree to terms and conditions. By including a checkbox for customers to agree to your store’s terms and conditions before completing a purchase ensures legal compliance and customer consent. This can help your store with privacy consent if you collect personal data like email addresses or phone numbers.

Order form fields play a crucial role in maintaining transparency and complying with various legal regulations and industry standards. They help your customers make informed decisions while ensuring your online store operates within the bounds of the law. This transparency and compliance contribute to a trustworthy and legally sound business operation. Stores like Wine Direct use a terms and conditions checkbox on their cart page to ensure that they are in compliance with selling alcohol online.

screenshot of wine direct website cart

5. Competitive Advantage 

In today’s fast-paced e-commerce landscape, standing out from the crowd is crucial for your Shopify business. Having delved deep into the world of order form field apps, I’ve uncovered a powerful tool that can give you a significant competitive edge. 

Imagine this scenario: a potential customer is browsing your online store alongside your competitors’. While both offer similar products, your store stands out with a seamless, personalized shopping experience. 

With order form fields, you can offer a level of customization and interaction that your competitors might lack. Customers can effortlessly add personalized text, select specific options, or even upload images to create their dream product. 

This heightened level of engagement not only captures their attention but also fosters a deeper connection to your brand. It may be possible for businesses that integrate order form fields to enjoy higher conversion rates and increased customer loyalty. 

By providing an exceptional, tailored experience, you not only win sales but also forge lasting relationships with your customers. This advantage can set you apart from the competition, positioning your Shopify store as a go-to destination for customers seeking unique, personalized products. 

In a world where choices are abundant, the ability to offer a one-of-a-kind shopping journey can be the game-changer that attracts more people to your business.

Traditional clothing is accessible locally for me but I don’t have the option to have it customized. Many retailers are purchasing products overseas and selling them locally but I shop internationally with Shukr Clothing who give me the option for customization, even though it may be more expensive.

Shopify order form fields allow you to collect essential information directly during the purchase process.


It’s clear that order form fields can be a game-changer for businesses of all kinds. They can transform your business while making shoppers super happy. From picking custom styles to getting details straight, order form fields make product customization easy. Your products become stars with dazzling presentations, giving you an edge over many rivals.

And guess what? The magic doesn’t stop there. It’s like having a personal shopper – easy and quick. No more endless emails. Plus, you stand tall in the crowded market. Your store becomes the go-to spot for unique stuff.

So, if you’re on Shopify, go for order form fields. Both native and app-based solutions are available. We explain why it’s best to use an app to add order form fields on Shopify here.

Think about it, happier customers, less fuss, and a front-row spot in the e-commerce spotlight. What’s not to love? You can level up your business thanks to order form fields. Don’t miss out! 

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