Discover how to setup a notification bar on your Shopify Store with the Free Notification Bar Messages app.

App Install Instructions

Installing the app in Shopify is easy.

Click “Add app” on the Free Notification Bar Messages app listing.

App Setup Instructions

After completing the app installation, read the setup instructions to learn how to activate your first message.

Initial App Setup

Setup Instructions

The guided setup process within the app ensures your first message will be active in minutes, not hours. Open the app in within the Shopify store to view the detailed instructions for each of the following steps:

  • Step 1: Activate app embed block

For assistance with setup, contact the Magical Apps team once the app is installed.

App Setup Instruction Library

Activate app embed block

Walkthrough Video

This app uses an app embed block to enable the display of messages.

The app embed block must be activated on your store. To activate it:

  1. Click the Activate app embed block button.
  2. Under the Theme Settings panel in the App Embeds tab, click the toggle beside the app name.
  3. Click Save to activate it.